That's how easy grooming of a puppy can be, if you train it from the beginning.

No comment...

Short trip to the USA...

We are on the way to pick up Argo and won't be able to post any updates until Friday, March 29.

Perfect weather to stay on the couch...

Argo is enjoying his stay in the US...

... dressed up in style! 😂

Leptospirosis - to vaccinate or not...?

A very good video about the Lepto infection and the vaccination against it.

We don't vaccinate against Lepto and don't recommend it either.

Sergio and the parrot...

Trip to the Mall!

Today we took Sergio, our remaining pup after Sissi and Ettore, to the mall for some socialisation. After realizing, that not every single human needs to be greeted personally, he calmed down quickly and had fun.

Heute wurde es gefährlich!

Wie alle paar Tage gab es heute als neue Erfahrung Rinderhufe. 

Die riechen noch so richtig nach Kuh und mussten dementsprechend erst Mal verbellt werden. Schließlich muss man dem unbekannten Ding ja klar machen, wer hier Chef ist!

Specialty for Italian Breeds, Volta Mantovana, Italy

We had 3 dogs with us: Argo in champion class and Brent and Baby in open class.


Argo won his class, Brent and Baby both got second, Baby later also won the res. CAC

Lagotto Specialty Arrezzo 2016

Today was another specialty in Italy, judge was Goran Bodegard from Sweden..

I showed Argo in open class and our Baby in intermedia class. 

Both win their classes, went on to win the CAC and at the end Argo won Best of Breed and our Baby became Best Opposite. With this win Argo finished his Italian Champion title.


Later that day Argo also won BIS 2. Italian breeds. What a day!!!!