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Short trip to the USA...

We are on the way to pick up Argo and won't be able to post any updates until Friday, March 29.

Gabbys puppies start to play!

Some new videos of today!

Tomorrow is the big day. We have our vet appointment for health check and vaccination. But first done new videos of the puppies enjoying the sun today.

The first pictures of Gabby's puppies,

The puppies are one week old today!

First the boys.

Male 1, blue collar.

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Finally some nice weather!

Time for the puppies to explore the outside for the first time!

Some new videos of today!

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The pups after Claire are 6 weeks old!

They are already 4 weeks old.

Eyes are finally open, now the quiet days are over.

First single pictures of the puppies

Today the puppies after Claire and John are 11 days old and we took the first single pictures of each puppy. Enjoy!

Male, blue collar

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Perfect weather to stay on the couch...

Argo is enjoying his stay in the US...

... dressed up in style! 😂

Hungry little buggers...

The first pictures of the puppies

The puppies after Claire and John are here!

She gave birth the night of New Year's Eve and blessed us with 8 sweet puppies. They are 7 boys and one girl, the colors are solid white and brown and tan.

Mum and pups are doing great!

Leptospirosis - to vaccinate or not...?

A very good video about the Lepto infection and the vaccination against it.

We don't vaccinate against Lepto and don't recommend it either.

Sergio and the parrot...

Trip to the Mall!

Today we took Sergio, our remaining pup after Sissi and Ettore, to the mall for some socialisation. After realizing, that not every single human needs to be greeted personally, he calmed down quickly and had fun.

Specialty for Italian Breeds, Volta Mantovana, Italy

We had 3 dogs with us: Argo in champion class and Brent and Baby in open class.


Argo won his class, Brent and Baby both got second, Baby later also won the res. CAC

Lagotto Specialty Arrezzo 2016

Today was another specialty in Italy, judge was Goran Bodegard from Sweden..

I showed Argo in open class and our Baby in intermedia class. 

Both win their classes, went on to win the CAC and at the end Argo won Best of Breed and our Baby became Best Opposite. With this win Argo finished his Italian Champion title.


Later that day Argo also won BIS 2. Italian breeds. What a day!!!!