Available puppies and older dogs:

Here you can see our current and upcoming litters. All our babies are special to us in their own way. Some pups will stay at the kennel, others will be sold to caring permanent homes. 


All our puppies do come with a contract, microchip, shots up to date , EU passport and pedigree.


Our breeding program not only has quality to standard. We go above and beyond minimal health testing. We include hips, knees, eyes and the Genoscoper test, which tests dogs for ALL known genetic markers across all dog breeds (a total of over 100 markers). 


As a philosophy we do not breed HD-D or HD-E dogs, JE or Lysosomal Storage Disease affected dogs (also known as LSD and Lagotto Storage Disease). Please see our health page for how to read these results and the ones to ask when researching. 


Temperament is also critical to our breeding program. So only dogs with breed typical temperaments make it into our program, no matter how beautiful or healthy they are. Our breeding dogs must be stable, friendly, loving, to make excellent companions. Temperament, Health, and Quality to standard are equally important in our philosophy.


Unfortunately, due to bad experience in the past, we don't ship any dogs cargo but require personal pick up! We also don't sell to Australia, Israel and all Arabian and Asian countries.

Please make sure to check the import rules of your country first. Most countries require a valid rabies vaccination before the puppy can enter which means the dog will have to be a minimum of 4 month before you can bring it home!


For people inquiring from the US. Please contact my partner at Terra Incognita Kennels first about availability. She currently has puppies available! The website is www.lagotto.info 

You can also send them an email or give them a call at 1-317-507-1991

All our dogs and puppies are fed a natural, raw diet and we hope the future puppy owners will continue to do so.


If you have any questions regarding raw diet, just contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.


Here are some very informative websites you can check out too:







Current litter

We currently don't have any puppies available.

Upcoming breedings

The next litter is planned for June 2021

Older dogs