Here are our girls:


Incognita Terra de la Foret des Hauts de Galgals

Born in 2014 near Paris, she is out of Ch. Camerata della Taparina and Maria Grazia del Chantrel.

 She is HD-C1, JE free, LSD free, HUU and NAD free and Furnishing F/F, eyes clear (April 2016)

Paris retired in 2019

Claire dei Terra Incognita

Claire was born February 2015, her parents are Arezzo and Victoria dei Terra Incognita.


Her hips got checked with PennHip and she got a score of 0.37 on the right and 0.33 on the left side.

She also is ED free, LSD carrier, JE free, NAD free, HUU free and she is not carrying the shorthair gen.

Her last eye exam was May 2018 and all clear.