Lagotto Romagnolo "Curly Coats"

Breeder of the Italian Water Dog

The Lagotto is a dog that has been specially bred to find truffles on all kinds of terrain; it is the only breed in the world specialized in tracking down this precious tuber.

A typical water dog of small-medium size, it is light mesomorph with a rather stocky trunk. Its general appearance is rustic, strong and well-proportioned and its utility as a working dog is immediately obvious.

The expression is one of attentiveness, intelligence and vivacity. The Lagotto works enthusiastically and efficiently, making the most of its inherent search-and-find skills and excellent sense of smell. The hunting instinct has been suppressed so that it is not distracted by game. An affectionate animal, it forms a close bond with its owner and also makes a fine, easy-to-train companion.

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That's how easy grooming of a puppy can be, if you train it from the beginning.

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Short trip to the USA...

We are on the way to pick up Argo and won't be able to post any updates until Friday, March 29.

Perfect weather to stay on the couch...

Argo is enjoying his stay in the US...

... dressed up in style! 😂

Leptospirosis - to vaccinate or not...?

A very good video about the Lepto infection and the vaccination against it.

We don't vaccinate against Lepto and don't recommend it either.

Sergio and the parrot...

Trip to the Mall!

Today we took Sergio, our remaining pup after Sissi and Ettore, to the mall for some socialisation. After realizing, that not every single human needs to be greeted personally, he calmed down quickly and had fun.

Heute wurde es gefährlich!

Wie alle paar Tage gab es heute als neue Erfahrung Rinderhufe. 

Die riechen noch so richtig nach Kuh und mussten dementsprechend erst Mal verbellt werden. Schließlich muss man dem unbekannten Ding ja klar machen, wer hier Chef ist!