Lagotto Romagnolo "Curly Coats"

Breeder of the Italian Water Dog

The Lagotto is a dog that has been specially bred to find truffles on all kinds of terrain; it is the only breed in the world specialized in tracking down this precious tuber.

A typical water dog of small-medium size, it is light mesomorph with a rather stocky trunk. Its general appearance is rustic, strong and well-proportioned and its utility as a working dog is immediately obvious.

The expression is one of attentiveness, intelligence and vivacity. The Lagotto works enthusiastically and efficiently, making the most of its inherent search-and-find skills and excellent sense of smell. The hunting instinct has been suppressed so that it is not distracted by game. An affectionate animal, it forms a close bond with its owner and also makes a fine, easy-to-train companion.

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Short trip to the USA...

We are on the way to pick up Argo and won't be able to post any updates until Friday, March 29.

Gabbys puppies start to play!

Some new videos of today!

Tomorrow is the big day. We have our vet appointment for health check and vaccination. But first done new videos of the puppies enjoying the sun today.

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The first pictures of Gabby's puppies,

The puppies are one week old today!

First the boys.

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Finally some nice weather!

Time for the puppies to explore the outside for the first time!

Some new videos of today!

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The pups after Claire are 6 weeks old!

They are already 4 weeks old.

Eyes are finally open, now the quiet days are over.