Current Litter

The puppies after Gabriella and Lorenzo are born!

They are 5 boys in white/brown and brown roan and one girl in solid brown.

Mum and puppies are doing great.
All puppies have found loving families.

Our next litter is planned for spring 2020.

The proud Mum:

Gabriella dei Terra Incognita

HD and ED free, JE and HUU free, LSD free, eyes clear.
HD and ED free, JE and HUU free, LSD free, eyes clear.

The Father of the puppies:

Lorenzo della Taparina

HD and ED free, JE carrier, LSD free, eyes clear
HD and ED free, JE carrier, LSD free, eyes clear

Some quiet time with the puppies...

New single pictures of the puppies!

The puppies had their first vet visit last Monday to get their first shot. The car trip and the vet went smooth with happy little puppies enjoying the trip. All did well and none had any bad reaction to the vaccine, as always we are very happy about that.

Today we took new pictures of each puppy since they have grown a lot since the last time so enjoy!

Francesca, the girl:

Enzo, male with blue collar:

Dante, male with purple collar:

Pigro, male with yellow collar:

Frank, male with green collar:

Otto, male with red collar:

It's pool time!
It's pool time!


The puppies are almost 8 weeks old!

No comment...

First day outside for Gabby's puppies.

Finally back from the USA I had to make an emergency trip to Italy for a friend that got very sick so I am sorry that I couldn't keep anybody updated on the puppies.

But they are doing great, all weighing already over 3 kilograms. It seams my sister took very good care of them, turning them into fat little piggies. 🤣

Thanks to the great weather they finally moved outside and enjoyed the sun.

They are almost 6 weeks old now.

The last pictures of the puppies before our trip to the US.

The female:

Male 1, blue collar, Enzo:

Male 2, purple collar, Dante:

Male 3, yellow collar, Pigro:

Male 4, green collar:

Male 5, red collar, Otto:

The puppies are 4 weeks old!

The puppies are getting bigger and bigger. This week we opened the whelping box and they now have the whole room to explore. This weekend they will get their first meal in a bowl. We will post a video of how that went on Sunday, I am sure they will need a bath afterwards...

Gabbys puppies start to play!

New pictures of the puppies after Gabby and Lorenzo, now 2 weeks old!

The girl:

The boys:

Male 1, white and brown, blue collar

Male 2, brown roan, purple collar

Male 3, white and brown, yellow collar

Male 4, brown roan, green collar

Male 5, brown roan, red collar

The puppies after Gabby are 2 weeks old!

The eyes are finally open and of course they are always hungry!

We will take new pictures today and post them later tonight.

The first pictures of Gabby's puppies,

The puppies are one week old today!

First the boys.

Male 1, blue collar.

Male 2, red collar.

Male 3, yellow collar.

Male 4, green collar.

Male 5, purple collar.

And the brown female.